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Big-O in real life

Jan 25, 2021How to apply the rules of Big-O in real-life examples?

Quick guide for Big-O Notation

Jan 21, 2021Big O notation is a tool that help us to measure the complexity of our algorithms. Let's see how it works

Debounce and Throttle

Aug 04, 2020Debounce and throttle are tools that improve our app performance. What are the magic behind them?

La guía del inmigrante intergaláctico (México - USA)

Jan 25, 2020Inmigrar a Estados Unidos puede sonar atemorizante. Esta es la guía para lidiar con todos tus trámites en tu primer mes.

Fantastic web components and where to find them

Sep 09, 2019Sharing your custom components to the world is possible. No frameworks needed.

Making libraries for React Native

Jun 08, 2019React Native is getting stronger day by day. But this does not mean that every little piece of functionality you need is already out of the box.